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On Topic

I am fascinated by the Internet’s ability to expand personal learning networks and create opportunities for self-directed learning on an almost infinite number of topics.  One of my original motivations for blogging was to observe the impact of blogging on … Continue reading

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Coming back to work

Some important facts: The data for my dissertation have been collected. My son (pictured above) is now 5 1/2 months, takes regular naps, and sometimes sleeps through the night. My conclusions based on the above facts: I need to devote … Continue reading

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Evaluating E-learning

Right now I’m supposed to be writing an article about evaluating e-learning.  It is the only assignment in a seminar course on e-learning evaluation.  The spring term ends on June 18th, and with barely over two weeks before my deadline … Continue reading

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Dissertation Time

Tomorrow I have a meeting with my dissertation chair.  I am supposed to come to the meeting prepared with a timeline for completing my dissertation prospectus.  The timeline is meant to help me manage my time as well as provide … Continue reading

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Assessing Affective Characteristics in Schools

Another book summary in partial fulfillment of my independent reading assignment for graduate school. Brief Review I was assigned to read Assessing Affective Characteristics in Schools by Lorin Anderson and Sid Bourke.  I found the text to be less technical than Summated … Continue reading

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Summated Rating Scale Construction: An Introduction

A summary of Summated Rating Scale Construction: An Introduction by Paul E. Spector.  This summary is provided in partial fulfillment of the requirements for my independent reading course this semester.   Brief Review Spector uses the Work Locus of Control Survey throughout … Continue reading

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2008 American Evaluation Association Conference in Denver

Image via Wikipedia While I was at the 2008 conference of the American Evaluation Association in Denver, I came across a post by Vicki Davis suggesting that all conference attendees be required to write a reflection about their conference experience, … Continue reading

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Podcasting, screencasting, and video sharing

I’m a PC user.  I like spreadsheets.  I dislike the Mac user interface and I’m disappointed every time Windows tries harder to imitate it; I want to see my hierarchical file structure as soon as possible, thank you very much.  … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on educational uses of the annotation tools in Diigo

This week, Dr. Wiley asked us to highlight and annotate a classmate’s blog posting. I annotated several classmates’ postings: “Educational Uses of Pod and Videocasts” on LeLute’s Weblog “Learning in Dense, Distributed, Social Networks” on web technology in small doses … Continue reading

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Slideshare and “Presentation Design Tennis” in an online course

Image via CrunchBase SlideShare is an important part of the online course that I am teaching this semester.  Most weeks, I’ve created a short (3-6 minute) slidecast to introduce the topic for the week and draw attention to the week’s … Continue reading

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