Joy in my life again

When I broke down and bought my first cell phone four years ago, I was amazed that I could choose real songs as my ring tone and even choose multiple ring tones. Since I am cheap, I only bought one. The ring tone that I chose was Three Dog Night’s “Joy to the World”. I had hoped to hear “Jeremiah was a bullfrog . . ” (as a former biology teacher, I have a strange affinity for amphibians), but was disappointed. I kept the ring tone until I upgraded my phone two years later. When my roommate realized that that the ring tone hadn’t transferred over, she lamented, “There’s no joy in my life anymore.” I felt the same way, so I put the ring tone on the new phone.  This Tuesday, when I realized that I couldn’t find my phone, I felt that the joy had gone out of my life.

One of my colleagues at work asked if I was one of the people with my whole life in my phone. Thankfully, I am not, but if I had misplaced my laptop, it would have been another story. As it turns out, my laptop was partially responsible for my misplaced phone. At Christmas, my husband decided I needed a new laptop. Mainly he was concerned about the weight of the older Gateway that I was lugging around. However, the new HP that we ended up with has a very large screen. I think it is slightly lighter than the old machine, but it couldn’t be described as smaller. Because of it’s size, the new machine wouldn’t fit comfortably in any of our laptop bags. Since we both tend to be frugal, we used a soft sided bag that we already owned and stretched it to fit. It wouldn’t zip. Plus, the outer pocket of the bag swelled with my wallet, phone, laptop cord, etc. It’s amazing that the phone didn’t fall out sooner.

Fortunately, the phone fell out of the bag in the trunk of the car. When I found it, I realized that I had been penny-wise and pound-foolish and determined to invest in a laptop bag that would safely hold my phone and wallet as well as my laptop. I went on a quest, visiting four stores before realizing that few stores sell bags for laptops with huge screens. I also noticed that no one carried bags for women with 17″ laptops. I broke down and shelled out just over $50 for a Targus laptop bag, the cheaper of the two options available to me. My quest then expanded to one of total organization. I bought a slimmer wallet to fit in the new bag and searched for a new lunch bag to replace the one I lost months ago. (Usually I find the things I’ve misplaced, but the lunch bag is an exception.) I almost bought a $6 bag at ShopKo, but then my husband suggested that we try the dollar store. At the dollar store, we found a small pile of lunch bags all in hunter’s orange. I had really wanted a black one, but my husband pointed out that I could lose six of the orange bags before equally the cost of the black one and I chose practicality over aesthetics. Good thing too, as I left the bag at school the first day I used it and it’s bright orange color made it easier to find this morning.

So now I am organized and equipped with a lunch bag. My phone safely stashed and I can say that there is joy in my life again.


About Kimberly McCollum

I'm a former middle and high school science teacher and current stay at home mom.
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