Comment Challenge: Day 2 Comment on a New Blog

Leave a comment on a blog where you’ve never commented before.

When I read the challenge, I went through my reader for a post to which I could contribute. I’ve been reading David Warlick’s blog for a while, but have never commented. (I know, big surprise.) Today he had a post on Beach Reading. I’ve only gone swimming at a beach once in my life and I didn’t read, but I reading is something I like to do. Warlick recommended a book called Pillars of the Earth which I recognize because I’m a board game geek. After making my comment in which I mentioned my plan to eventually read Pillars of the Earth and the Forsyte Saga once I finish the lit reviews I’m working on, I felt like I should have recommended a book I have actually read. The one that comes to mind now is To Serve Them All My Days. It’s a book that I’ve read twice and it happens to be about a teacher. Anyway, I kind of felt like I was butting into a conversation between friends. Apparently I can be socially awkward online and in real life.


About Kimberly McCollum

I'm a former middle and high school science teacher and current stay at home mom.
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4 Responses to Comment Challenge: Day 2 Comment on a New Blog

  1. Kevin H. says:

    Your comment that you have only gone swimming once struck me. I live in New England, USA, and we head to the beach a few times a year and I guess I always take it for granted that the ocean is a few hours away.
    It reminds me that we take so much for granted in our lives and we shouldn’t, really. I am veering off here, but it is so important that, as a teacher, I don’t see the world only through the lens of my eyes, but through the eyes and experiences of others.

    Your other comment, about butting in to an ongoing conversation …. I understand that feeling, but the blogging world is and should be open for anyone to contribute. I am sure your thoughts and insights are valuable, so I suggest: go ahead and butt in. They will probably welcome a new voice to the conversation.

    Have a nice day

    PS — and I never got to any thoughts on books for the summer, either. Oh well.

  2. I’ve only just learned about the Pillars of the Earth board game. Definitely going to check that out! Thanks!

    — dave —

  3. Kevin H. says:

    Here is a book for all of us book lovers. It had me in tears with laughter.

    It is a collection of short humor pieces from McSweeney’s about literary characters, and books, and all things wordy-geek. (example: in one piece, Winnie the Pooh is cast as an office worker in a cubicle and the narrator can’t believe that he has to share a space with a stuffed bear who messes up the copy machine with his honey hands and just sits around all day, hummings songs about honey in his tummy).


  4. kamccollum says:


    Thanks for the encouragement and the book recommendation.

    The weird thing about my lack of beach experience is that until I was 28, I lived my entire life in either Maryland or Virginia. I’ve seen the ocean plenty of times, just never been swimming in it. My deprived childhood is a consequence of my Californian mother’s bias against Atlantic beaches. However, my one true beach experience came in the Mediterranean the summer I turned 30, which kind of makes up for things.

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