Comment Challenge Day 6: Engage Another Commenter in Discussion

For today’s task, courtesy of Bill Ferriter, you are going to engage another commenter in conversation. Find a post where other people have commented before you and then respond to something one of the commenters has said.

Is it cheating if the post you find is on your own blog?   🙂

It took me several days to find a conversation to join, not because there is a paucity of discussion in the blogosphere, but because I was looking for a conversion that I felt comfortable jumping into and one where I wasn’t the first commenter.  I found a post on Vickie Davis’ blog that detailed some frustrations with Windows Vista.  I have Windows Vista and while there are some things I like about it, I am enough dissatisfied that I have been toying with the idea installing Linux on my next machine.  A few of the previous commenters had mentioned using Linux, so I took the opportunity to ask them about the pros and cons of Linux.  I don’t know if they will respond, but gave it a shot.


About Kimberly McCollum

I'm a former middle and high school science teacher and current stay at home mom.
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4 Responses to Comment Challenge Day 6: Engage Another Commenter in Discussion

  1. Sue Waters says:

    Unfortunately whether they respond will depend on if they are using comment tracking tools. I get to know quite a few of the commenters on blogs so know which ones are using comment tracking and which aren’t. So it does make engaging in conversation easier.

  2. Hey Kam,

    It certainly isn’t cheating if you jump into a conversation with commenters on your own blog! In fact, in a lot of ways, those conversations are probably the best to jump into because they are on topics that are particularly motivating or interesting to you.

    Think about it: Blog posts are windows into your current thinking about topics. Commenters to your blog are hoping to interact with you by either adding to your thoughts or challenging your thoughts. By responding to them, you are taking your thinking further than it was in the original post.

    That’s a perfect example of what good constructivist learning looks like—-think, challenge, rethink, challenge.

    Very cool stuff.

    Anyway…..glad to have landed on your blog. Hoping to come back often and follow your thinking some more!

    Rock on,

  3. kamccollum says:

    @Sue – I first learned about comment tracking from one of your posts on The Edublogger, but this comment challenge is really my first try at really using it. Your blog is one of the “recommended readings” for my Teaching with Technology course and I’m considering making it required reading during my blogging unit next fall. Please keep all of your helpful tips coming!

    @Bill – Thanks for the encouragement. In the spirit of furthering my thoughts on the topic . . . sometimes I wonder about when an author should reply to a commenter and when an author should let someone else have the final word on a post. What is your take?

  4. Sue Waters says:

    Thanks Kam glad you are finding The Edublogger useful. Please let me know if there are any topics you would really love me to cover and I will see what I can do.

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