Comment Challenge Day 18: Analyze the Comments on Your Own Blog

  • Which of your posts have generated the most comments?

The posts on my blog that have generated the most comments all relate to the comment challenge. The posts that have generated the next most comments all have to do with my personal experiences either as a teacher or as a researcher/learner.

  • Which has generated the best conversation? (The last question is about quantity; this one is about quality.)

My posts related to the comment challenge are the only ones that could be said to have generated any conversation. The best example is probably the post on “Should we be commenting on other blogs?

  • Are there any patterns to the commenting on your own blog? Do certain types of posts generate more comments than others?

Outside of the comment challenge posts, the posts that generate the most comments have related to mainly to my recent personal experiences. For example, the “Lessons learned post” (one of the comments related to the “Lessons Learned” post was left on the “About” page) and the “Learning Contracts” post. However, my posts about my experiences teaching in Baltimore generated zero comments.

  • If you do see a pattern or commonality between posts that generate good comments, what can you do to increase those qualities in other posts?

One thing I could do is find more challenges. However, for the long term, I’m probably best off focusing on my recent personal experiences as a teacher and a learner. The things that I am learning about and teaching about seem to be of interest to a larger community and I ought to be less shy about sharing them.


About Kimberly McCollum

I'm a former middle and high school science teacher and current stay at home mom.
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