Comment Challenge Day 17: Five in Five

I’m still way behind on these comment challenges.   My birthday was Friday and my husband and I spent it at Disneyland with my mother, father, and aunt (courtesy of my grandmother).  My younger sister said, “Spending your birthday is like every little kid’s dream.”  I have to agree with her . . . and it only took 32 years for mine to come true.

Between my birthday and the upcoming Big Move (from Utah to Virginia in less than 7 weeks), I’ve been plenty busy.  Still, I really want to complete the comment challenge and I took time today to attempt 5 in 5.  I managed to do this mainly by commenting on blogs of family members and close friends.  These are blogs that I follow, but I’m not sure my family members and friends realize it, because I’ve never left a post before.  I commented on the blogs of my aunt, my cousin, my brother in law and my friend Andrea.  Then I asked a question on the blog of a fellow edublogger.

I highly recommend the blog of my friend, Andrea.  It’s called “Come with me to Africa“.  Andrea is a fellow IP&T graduate student/instructor and she’s pretty amazing.  She speaks Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese and is managing to keep up a blog even when she doesn’t have access to running water.  What is most amazing is that she’s in Mozambique right now conducting a program evaluation for a charity and learning tons from the people there.


About Kimberly McCollum

I'm a former middle and high school science teacher and current stay at home mom.
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2 Responses to Comment Challenge Day 17: Five in Five

  1. robin says:

    Kimberly – I didn’t know you were a blogger until I got the comment on Roland’s Birthday!

    As far as my thoughts on commenting go…comments are fun to read. I live for the clever commenter. The person who says something beyond “this is so cute, funny, and so on”. I have a site meter that shows me how many hits I get a day – actually it is the same meter you have. I average about 90 hits a day from all over the world. That is more meaningful to me than comments. It lets me know that I am being read, over and over again and added by new people everyday.

    Mostly, my blog is for my family who live far away. It is a way to keep in touch. Hannah and Gabe are grown and gone, and they read everyday even though they rarely leave comments. Most of the comments are left by immediate family members.

    As far as negative comments – I received one angry anonymous comment that I let stay on my blog. It made me feel powerful to have such influence to prompt a person to make an angry comment. I’ d like to inspire another confrontational comment. It was pretty exciting. But I am afraid that I am just too nice and most of my readers like me. So – no nasty comments.

    Happy Birthday! I will be checking into your blog to see how your move to Virginia goes. I think you should blog about why you are moving. What new adventures await you?

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