Comment Challenge Day 26: Exploring Other Ways to Comment

My opinion on multi-media enhanced commenting is biased because I spend at least half of my computing time each day on a computer without a mic or a webcam.  I would advise against replacing text-based commenting with audio or video commenting, but I think audio or video commenting have a lot to offer blogging.

I found an article on in the Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks on the value of using audio commentary in an asynchronous course.  The findings suggest that audio feedback:

  • is better than text-based feedback for conveying nuance.
  • might increase involvement in community interactions.
  • is related to increased retention of content.

Last semester, I had a course where the professor provided us with audio feedback on our projects and I felt that the quality of the audio feedback was higher than any written feedback that I’d ever received.I’m not sure whether blogging communities are enough like the communities created in university courses for these findings to transfer, but I think the potential benefits are worth exploring.

I signed up for Snapvine and Seesmic accounts to see what they had to offer and then looked at some competing video and audio commenting services including Evoca, Vaestro, Riffly, and blipBack.  Evoca cost money, and though it does offer a 15 minute (recording time) trial, I’d rather exhaust my free options first.  Since I am moving in 41 days, I don’t have the time right now to research all of these options.  Does anyone have experience with any of these services?  What are the pros and cons of each?  Also, do problems with Spam increase with when you use video or audio commenting?  Thanks.


About Kimberly McCollum

I'm a former middle and high school science teacher and current stay at home mom.
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