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A tribute to Grandfather Smith, Great-uncle Gene, and other heroes

I usually write about learning and in a way, this post is no different. As a child, I learned a lot about “being a Smith” from my grandfather. He sat me on his lap and said stuff like, “Smiths are … Continue reading

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Professional Development Meme

About a week or so ago, I came across a “Professional Development Meme” on Clif Mims’s blog.  The directions for this meme are below. Directions Summer can be a great time for professional development. It is an opportunity to learn … Continue reading

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“School is profoundly broken”: Roger Schank’s visit to BYU

On Monday and Tuesday, Roger Schank visited BYU and gave several presentations. I was able to attend three of them. I have attempted to make sense of my notes for each presentation. Dr. Schank would be the first to point … Continue reading

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Completing the comment challenge

This is the last day of the comment challenge (for me anyways, the real last day was yesterday).  I’m glad that I participated in the challenge because I gained confidence.  I’m no longer feel too scared or too shy to … Continue reading

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Transferring knowledge gained in the comment challenge to the classroom

What lessons did you learn about what it means to “speak up” through comments that is applicable to working with students? What did you learn about how to deal with things like dissent, asking questions, communication, etc. through this process … Continue reading

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Comment Challenge 29

Comment challenge 29 is to write a commenting guide for students. I would want to involve my students in the process of creating their own commenting guide, one that they could with their future students. The collaborative tool that I … Continue reading

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Blog commenting strategy – Comment Challenge 28

I currently have no blog commenting strategy. While participating in the comment challenge, I tried to complete the challenges given and attempted to comment more often on the blogs I regularly follow. That was it. I read Caroline Middlebrook’s post … Continue reading

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