Blog commenting strategy – Comment Challenge 28

I currently have no blog commenting strategy. While participating in the comment challenge, I tried to complete the challenges given and attempted to comment more often on the blogs I regularly follow. That was it. I read Caroline Middlebrook’s post on blog commenting strategy and can see how having a commenting strategy could be almost a necessity for professional bloggers. I’m not a professional blogger, but having a blog commenting strategy seems like a good way to build my personal brand. The following four point strategy comes from Caroline Middlebrook.

  • Create a Hit-List for Early Commenting
  • I Mark all Blogs Using Top Commentator Plugins
  • I Mark all Blogs Using a Do-Follow Plugin
  • Place New Blogs in My Hit List for Testing

I already divide the blogs in my reader into “daily” and “weekly” folders, but not based on how early I’d be able to comment on them. I think I will reorder my lists. I haven’t noticed any top commentator or do-follow plugins, but I’ll keep my eye on them over the next week. I will also make a category for blogs that I come across that look like I might want to follow them. I’ll adjust my lists at least once a month and I’ll aim for every two weeks.  I will always comment on blogs that I find interesting, at least when I think that I can add to the conversation.


About Kimberly McCollum

I'm a former middle and high school science teacher and current stay at home mom.
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