Personal Branding — comment challenge 27

This challenge comes at an interesting time for me, since I am moving to Virginia in about five weeks and am in the beginning stages of a job search.  This challenge made me think about the quality and quantity of information about me available to potential employers via the Internet.

To examine the quality of information, I googled my name.  I’m not in the #1 spot, but I do make the first page.  The information that currently show up is scant, but at least correct.  However, there are at least two or three other Kimberly McCollums who I could be confused with.  How do I set myself apart?  Should I start using my middle name or my maiden name as well?  I’ve started commenting as Kimberly McCollum, after a stint as kamccollum.  I wonder a little if a change to Kimberly Anne McCollum confuse people, but I suspect that it is early enough in my “blogging/commenting career” to make the switch without problems.

If I had more content and stronger content, “my personal brand” would be more identifiable and perform better in a Google search.  I need to start sharing more.


About Kimberly McCollum

I'm a former middle and high school science teacher and current stay at home mom.
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3 Responses to Personal Branding — comment challenge 27

  1. Sue Waters says:

    Funny aspect of Googling is you get different results depending on where you are googling from. In my case you were #1 when I did a google check — to your Diigo account then #6 was your Linkedin account. I don’t think it is your Facebook account.

    My thoughts are stick with Kimberly McCollums and try to be consistent i.e. use it when commenting and setting up accounts.

    If possible I would change your display name on your posts to Kimberly McCollums so that people immediately identify with who you are so you don’t get Kam confusion that you have had (You should be able to alter in your user options under nickname). Doing this over time should help the issue e.g. Sue Waters is a really common name but I’ve managed to make it work.

  2. Great little challenge this one..effectively there are two ways to go about this. 1. Generate enough buzz about yourself (and have other people help also) so that you drive yourself to #1 on Google. 2. Consider a company, business or online name that says who you are, but is ‘more’ unique i.e. KimberleyMac or KMac etc etc I would give 1 a go (linkedIn, facebook, Digg, technorati etc are great places to generate some activity) and register your own name as a domain – if this fails…consider 2. Have fun and good luck (remember though Google ain’t as important as getting out there and getting some real face time!)

  3. Branding is a funny thing. When I google my name I get one mention on the first page. When I put ‘midwife’ with my name, I rule the waves. Its all relative really.

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