Gadgets and gizmos galore

I really wanted an iPhone.  When the first generation iPhone was released, I lamented that I had time left on my phone contract and patiently waited for the time to be up.  I consoled myself with the knowledge that the future versions of the iPhone would probably cost less and offer more than the ones snatched up by the “early adopters”.  While I waited, my brother got an iPhone, my sister has an iPhone, even my father got an iPhone.  You can imagine my excitement when I learned that the new, improved iPhone would be released just as my contract finally expired.

But I didn’t get an iPhone.  The reality is that I’m not the kind of person who needs Internet access through their cell phone–though I sometimes I think I want to be–and I just can’t justify the expense of a data plan at $30 a month.  My father-in-law recently gave us a GPS unit for our car.  I’m almost always in front of a connected computer, and when I’m not it’s probably healthy for me to be away.

Instead of an iPhone, I got a Nokia 6085.  It was $199 dollars cheaper than the 8GB iPhone and $30 less a month.  The Nokia 6085 is a 3G phone with a media player and an expandable memory, thanks to a slot for a micro SD card.

I ordered my phone online and inexplicably, it was delivered to the AT&T store rather than to my home.  (My husband’s phone, ordered through the same process came to our address.)  The customer service representative called to tell me my iPhone was in.  When I entered the AT&T store, they asked to see the receipt for my iPhone.  I informed them that I wasn’t there to pick up an iPhone.  The employee got my box and placed it at the front desk until it was my turn.  Then, for the third time I had to explain that I had purchased a Nokia, not an iPhone.  Yeah, rub it in.

I got my Nokia home and switched out the SIM card and tried to figure out what I needed in order to make the phone play music without giving AT&T any more money.  I checked Amazon and then visited Best Buy, RadioShack, and booths in the mall.  I went equipped with my cell phone number and the number for the cords and cards I needed to get my new phone to sing.  However, employees looked at me curiously when I asked for the cord I needed.  They opened boxes marked with the numbers for older phones and obviously incompatible endings and asked if they could see my phone to test to see which cord would fit.  They did not seem to believe me when I told them they did not have the right cord.  I was forced to return to AT&T.  At least the music package for the Nokia 6085 rang up $20 less than on the box.  $20 for a new phone, USB cable, and headphones isn’t bad.  And my new phone will let me listen to the radio, the FM kind (remember, I’m too cheap to pay for the XM kind).

But I still want a Kindle.


About Kimberly McCollum

I'm a former middle and high school science teacher and current stay at home mom.
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