C-Map after weeks 1 and 2

Yes, I realize this is near the end of week 3 of the connectivism course, but I’ve fallen a little behind. Still, I want to make an effort to keep up with the course and its assignments and activities, so here is what my concept map looks like after completing the readings for weeks one and two.

I’m trying to map out my experience with the course and my understanding of connectivism on the same concept map. I expect both to change and grow as I progress through the course. To keep a record of the changes, I’m going to try to post my map each week. I’d appreciate feedback and especially questions that challenge me to explain my connections since vague connections are probably the result of vague understanding (or laziness) on my part. Thanks!

My concept map for CCK08

My concept map for CCK08

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I'm a former middle and high school science teacher and current stay at home mom.
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2 Responses to C-Map after weeks 1 and 2

  1. I’m afraid the text is small to see so I cannot make out the different nodes.

  2. If you click on the picture, it should enlarge to its full size.

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