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(Wii) Music to my ears

Image by alphalead via Flickr Yesterday, my husband and I received our copy of Wii Music, but before I can tell you about my musings about Wii Music, you first need some understanding of my musical history. When I was … Continue reading

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Podcasting, screencasting, and video sharing

I’m a PC user.  I like spreadsheets.  I dislike the Mac user interface and I’m disappointed every time Windows tries harder to imitate it; I want to see my hierarchical file structure as soon as possible, thank you very much.  … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on educational uses of the annotation tools in Diigo

This week, Dr. Wiley asked us to highlight and annotate a classmate’s blog posting. I annotated several classmates’ postings: “Educational Uses of Pod and Videocasts” on LeLute’s Weblog “Learning in Dense, Distributed, Social Networks” on web technology in small doses … Continue reading

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Slideshare and “Presentation Design Tennis” in an online course

Image via CrunchBase SlideShare is an important part of the online course that I am teaching this semester.  Most weeks, I’ve created a short (3-6 minute) slidecast to introduce the topic for the week and draw attention to the week’s … Continue reading

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Delicious and Flickr in Education

David Wiley has asked those of us in his New Media, Social Media, and Learning Course to post on educational uses of Delicious and Flickr. Delicious One of my early posts on this blog (before people who weren’t related to … Continue reading

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Social networks and learning networks

Image via Wikipedia About a year ago, I started teaching a course on Instructional Technology in Teaching and dived head first into the world of Web 2.0. Somewhere a long the way, I found a blog post that mentioned the … Continue reading

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I’m doing my homework, really . . .

Image via CrunchBase Yesterday, I spent a fair amount of the afternoon augmenting my Facebook profile.  This is not something I do very often, because frankly, I feel that Facebook’s best use is for killing time and I tend to … Continue reading

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