The Edublog Awards

It’s time for the 2008 Edublog awards and I’m going to make some nominations in some of the categories.  If you are interested, I suggest that you visit the Edublog awards site to see the rest of the categories and learn how to submit your own nominations.

Best individual blog:  I like Michele Martin’s The Bamboo Project Blog.

Best group blog: The only group blog that consistently holds my attention is the Work Literacy Blog, so I’m going to nominate it.

Best resource sharing blog: I think Free Technology for Teachers is the best resource blog that I have found (for k12 resources at least).

Best teacher blog: Mr. Dan Meyer at dy/dan.  Because he likes to teach.


About Kimberly McCollum

I'm a former middle and high school science teacher and current stay at home mom.
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3 Responses to The Edublog Awards

  1. Thank you for the nomination. It is much appreciated. I’m flattered.

  2. There’s so many great blogs and sites that I have struggled with deciding who to nominate.

  3. @Richard Byrne – You’re welcome.

    @Sarah – I agree; there are certainly a lot of great blogs that unfortunately went unnoticed.

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