Goals old and new

Back in October, I set some goals for myself and vowed to report on my progress in January.  I can now report that I have met goal #1 by reading The Social Life of Information, The Long Tail, and A Whole New Mind.  (I’m still trying to get my hands on a library copy of Here Comes Everybody and The Wisdom of Crowds.)  I keep meaning to post about them, but blogging hasn’t made my list of priorities lately.

In November, I presented at the AEA conference in Denver.  I’ve prepared a report based on the same data as my presentation and am in the process of getting feedback from professors before preparing and submitting an article to the still yet-to-be-determined journal.  I have not quite achieved my goal, but I have made significant progress.

My third goal was to “endure to the end” of the two courses in which I was unofficially enrolled.  I did complete all of the readings and assignments for the New Media course, though my attendance via Skype trailed off near the end of the course.  I imagine that my status as an unofficial enrollee in the course is one reason why I didn’t receive a lot of feedback on the chapter I wrote as part of the class project; I wasn’t particularly motivated to seek it.  Still, the pre-existing flesh and blood friendships that I had with several members of the New Media course influenced my decision to complete the course assignments, including contributing to the class project.  I never had the same kind of connection to the thousands of members of the connectivism class.  Even my efforts to pare the class down didn’t seem to help me make it personable.  I suspect that the lack of a bond with members of the connectivism class contributed to my decision (by default) to not complete the course.  

Whatever goals I acheived or didn’t achieve, to whatever degree I achieved them, I feel good about having attempted them, in some cases acheiving them, and in all cases progressing toward them.  As is usual with the arrival of a new year, like many others, I thought about my year and my life’s direction and set some goals.  I first wrote out a long list of things that I wanted to accomplish in life.  Some of the goals were financial, some were academic, and most were personal.  (Strangely, blogging didn’t appear anywhere on my list.)  I made five categories of goals  from my list and for the past two weeks have made an effort to do at least one action in each area that will move me closer to my eventual goals.    A departure from my previous goal setting habits, I set no deadline for achieving any of these goals.  This time, it’s all about the journey.


About Kimberly McCollum

I'm a former middle and high school science teacher and current stay at home mom.
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One Response to Goals old and new

  1. I’ve been thinking that I should a couple social media books so thanks for giving me soem ideas. Have a great new year. cheers Sarah

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