About being alone in a library

When I was a kid, I used to look at the stacks of books in the library in amazement. I understood that even if I started as a child and did nothing else for the rest of my life, I would never be able to read all of the books in even my small local library. I used to beg my mom to take me out of school and just leave me alone in the library, but she never agreed to my plan.

Today, with the help of the Internet, it sometimes seems that I’ve got my wish because the Internet has a way of turning the entire world into a library. There are even more books (and blogs, wikis, etc.) that I will never get the chance to read. However, I’m not quite alone in this library. This blog is my attempt to catalog what I am learning from my library and from the people I’ve met inside it.

Welcome to my corner of the library.  I’m looking forward to getting to know you.



3 Responses to About being alone in a library

  1. Wesley Fryer says:

    I love the title of your blog and am so glad you are blogging, and to have learned about your blog via Twitter. The title of your blog captures so well the environment we live in today. No one, connected to the web, need feel isolated and alone. We can all be connected. That can be overwhelming at times, but also very empowering. Welcome to the blogosphere as an active contributor! 🙂

  2. I ditto Wesley’s welcome! Your title caught my eye immediately and I could relate with your experience. The library can be a very lonely experience – but it doesn’t have to be!

    Keep up the great work!


  3. CIndy Lane says:

    I like the way you “reported” what you learned in your classes! I too, take classes and teach classes and agree 100% that I learn more from my students.
    A real eye opener in my online class this semester was a webinar! I conducted one for my students (showed them web 2.0 tools) and NO ONE had ever attended one before…I also pointed them to several good resources to attend future webinars…I’m borrowing some of your ideas, thanks! Love the contract idea!

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