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A Scientific Approach to Teaching

Yesterday, at an educational training, I sat down to lunch with a woman in charge of a large Head Start program in the Pacific Northwest.  Through our small talk, she learned that I had been a secondary science teacher for … Continue reading

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Questions from the court

Image by laffy4k via Flickr In November, I was drafted into the service of my congregation’s youth program.  In January we discovered that there would be a regional basketball tournament in March. As the only woman among us who had … Continue reading

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It’s about time . . .

On occasion, students will appeal to my sense of mercy before (or usually after) a deadline.  Death in the family, surgery, illness and accident get my sympathy fairly quickly, but are not commonly invoked in such appeals.  Generally, students will … Continue reading

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(Wii) Music to my ears

Image by alphalead via Flickr Yesterday, my husband and I received our copy of Wii Music, but before I can tell you about my musings about Wii Music, you first need some understanding of my musical history. When I was … Continue reading

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Podcasting, screencasting, and video sharing

I’m a PC user.  I like spreadsheets.  I dislike the Mac user interface and I’m disappointed every time Windows tries harder to imitate it; I want to see my hierarchical file structure as soon as possible, thank you very much.  … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on educational uses of the annotation tools in Diigo

This week, Dr. Wiley asked us to highlight and annotate a classmate’s blog posting. I annotated several classmates’ postings: “Educational Uses of Pod and Videocasts” on LeLute’s Weblog “Learning in Dense, Distributed, Social Networks” on web technology in small doses … Continue reading

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Slideshare and “Presentation Design Tennis” in an online course

Image via CrunchBase SlideShare is an important part of the online course that I am teaching this semester.  Most weeks, I’ve created a short (3-6 minute) slidecast to introduce the topic for the week and draw attention to the week’s … Continue reading

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