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Podcasting, screencasting, and video sharing

I’m a PC user.  I like spreadsheets.  I dislike the Mac user interface and I’m disappointed every time Windows tries harder to imitate it; I want to see my hierarchical file structure as soon as possible, thank you very much.  … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on educational uses of the annotation tools in Diigo

This week, Dr. Wiley asked us to highlight and annotate a classmate’s blog posting. I annotated several classmates’ postings: “Educational Uses of Pod and Videocasts” on LeLute’s Weblog “Learning in Dense, Distributed, Social Networks” on web technology in small doses … Continue reading

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Dino Maniacs and Social Objects

Regular readers of this blog know that I teach an  online course about Instructional Technology for an audience of pre-service teachers at Brigham Young University.  I’ve taught the face to face version of the course twice before and have been interested … Continue reading

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Student Conferences using Skype

Image via Wikipedia This past week I held Skype calls with 14 out of 16 of the students enrolled in my online “Teaching with Technology” course.  I have two more scheduled for next week.  I wanted to have a video … Continue reading

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Getting to know you . . .

My husband may be the only person reading these words, but if you aren’t my husband and you’ve found your way here, welcome! (Robb if you’re reading this, you can consider yourself welcomed as well.) To start off, my name … Continue reading

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