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What it would take to make me say a definitive “I like Flock”?

Image via Wikipedia Last week, I posted the following on Twitter: trying to decide if I like Flock 10:00 AM August 21, 2008from web And got this reply: Flocker: @kamccollum: You don’t sound totally convinced. What could we do to … Continue reading

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Stopped in my tracks by a shifting IP address?

I am annoyed.  I am really really annoyed, and my university is at fault.  Brigham Young University has a system called Route Y that is basically a portal to everything that I need to access as a student or an … Continue reading

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My ideal learning software application

Jon Mott recently asked readers to consider what a learning software application would look like if it were developed with the learner in mind.  Jon was contrasting this ideal with current course management software, like Blackboard, which is often focused … Continue reading

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